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"This is just about the greatest book I have seen! You’ve put together some great facts that leave unbelief without excuse. They have also encouraged me and strengthened my faith. The convincingly arranged information in this book has been very useful to me."


"Foolish Faith combines a comprehensive scientific accuracy with a good understanding of Biblical and philosophical issues, yet it is at the same time clear and comprehensible to the lay reader."

– DR. CARL WIELAND (MD), Managing Director, Creation Ministries International

"Judah has written a well-researched and very readable examination of the evidence that supports faith in the Bible. I strongly encourage anyone who is searching for the truth to read this book."

– GRANT R. JEFFREY, Best-Selling Author

"I found Foolish Faith to be one of the most interesting and thought-provoking books I have read in a long time. While it is clear that the material in Foolish Faith is presenting a certain kind of religious argument and is building toward a particular conclusion, the book is never polemical in the off-putting way that much religious writing can be for non-religious readers like myself. The author’s well-articulated and well-documented arguments are not easily dismissed."

– NAOMI GOLD, Ph.D. Candidate, University Of Toronto, Religious Studies

"I stumbled upon your book when one of the pages came up from a web search I was doing on religion. I found your book straightforward, positive, intelligent, and very inspiring. I learned a lot, and it buoyed my faith. I was caught off guard by the title, but the tone of the work kept me interested until I realized what an ingenious title it was."